As technology keeps rapidly changing, commercial aircraft construction has also changed with more and more Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites being introduced.  It is critical as the aerospace technology changes, that on-going testing for Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) is also, performed.

As indicated in our FAA testing, Brook One’s Flammability and Burn Through  fire results are quite outstanding.

However, Brook One understands that not all aircraft fatalities are caused by fire/heat but some are caused due to thick smoke causing passenger confusion and disorientation.  Unfortunately, during this critical time, passengers are also, exposed to toxic fumes that may lead to incapacitation and death.

Brook One Corporation has performed extensive Smoke and Toxic Gas Emissions Testing on our product, that ensures a low smoke and toxic gas cover film is being installed in the fuselage of all commercial aircraft.

Our results are as follows:

Smoke Index:  (Also known as the Smoke-developed Index (SDI) is the measure of the concentration of smoke a material emits as it burns.  It is based on an arbitrary scale in which asbestos-cement board has a value of 0 and red oak wood has a value of 100.)

CO – Carbon Monoxide – Colourless, odourless, tasteless gas that could be toxic for humans. Acute inhalation toxicity data in humans is1200 ppm.

HF – Hydrogen Fluoride– Chemical compound that contains fluorine.  It can exist as colourless gas or as fuming liquid. It is considered to be a highly dangerous gas.  Immediate danger to life/health at levels of 30ppm.

HCL – Hydrogen Chloride–Colourless to slightly yellow gas , with pungent irritating odour,  which forms white fumes of hydrochloric acid upon contact with atmospheric humidity.  Acute inhalation toxicity in humans is 50 ppm.

HCN – Hydrogen Cyanide–Colourless or pale blue gas with a bitter odour.  Acute inhalation toxicity in humans is 50 ppm.

SO2 – Sulphur Dioxide–Colourless gas with irritating pungent odour.  Acute inhalation toxicity in humans is 50 ppm.

NOx – Nitrogen Oxides (NO – Nitric Oxide and NO2 – Nitrogen Dioxide)

Nitric Oxide –Colourless gas.  Acute inhalation toxicity in humans is 100 ppm.

Nitrogen Dioxide – Reddish-brown gas with pungent acid odour.  Acute inhalation toxicity in humans is 20 ppms.