Brook One Attended FAA Material Working Group Meetings in Savannah, Georgia, US

March 9, 2018

In early March, Brook One attended the FAA Material Working Group Meeting in Savannah, Georgia, sponsored by Gulfstream. During the meeting, aircraft material fire safety testing/methodology is discussed and reviewed. Working Groups and Round Robins are formed and various topics are addressed. With the aviation industry and the regulators working together, the meeting provides an excellent forum for suppliers such as Brook One Corporation to not only participate in the educational forum, but also, keep abreast of current trends critical to the aviation industry.

Brook One is currently participating in the FAA Burnthrough Round Robin as we provided the burnthrough insulation blankets that we were utilized in the burnthrough/sonic burner testing. The FAA, distributed the Brook One insulation blankets to 11 Burnthrough Test Labs around the world! Our burnthrough cover film/blankets performed exceptional well with 8 testing labs submitting their results to the FAA! For the Brook One burnthrough test results/information, please see FAA Burnthrough Round Robin.