Brook One Corporation Introduces 2 New Lightweight, Burnthrough Cover Films for Thermal/Acoustic Aircraft Insulation Blankets

Feb 6, 2018

Brook One Corporation, a manufacturer of burnthrough cover films for the aerospace industry, has introduced 2 innovative, technologically advanced LIGHTWEIGHT products – BO 856B-I-LWT (metallic) and BO 856B-II-LWT (non-metallic).

We now offer four burnthrough cover films – 2 standard, 2 lightweight (new). The weight of these 2 new products is “up to 15% lighter” than the standard products, which meet the unique needs of airplane manufacturers. BO 856B-I-LWT & BO 856B-II-LWT are lightweight, high performance cover films that also, feature the following benefits:

• Strong/Flexible/Durable – Woven & non-woven combination, bendable, abuse-resistant, will not delaminate, will not peel, tear/scratch resistant
• PEEK based cover film, offering excellent mechanical/chemical properties retained in high temperature conditions
• Environmentally friendly with excellent fire, smoke and toxicity results
• Cost Effective – Easy to use/install, less repairs/wastage
• Long “no burn through time” with low heat flux readings

These cover films are specifically designed for aircraft fuselage thermal/acoustic insulation systems, and are formulated to meet Aircraft Fuselage Burnthrough Regulation. Brook One’s technologically advanced fire barrier cover films resist the spread of fire and provide more protection for passengers, crew and cargo in the event of an in-flight and/or post-crash fire.

For further information, please go to Product Specifications.