Brook One Corporation specializes in the development, engineering and manufacturing of advanced fire barrier laminates designed specifically for the aerospace industry. Our engineering team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the materials research and polymer fields. Many of our senior engineering staff have PhD’s in their specialty fields combined with years of experience in diverse industries.

Since 2011, our engineering team has developed an innovative fire barrier cover film that features a PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) material for strength & lower smoke/toxic emissions and a proprietary core material that has performed exceptionally well in all FAA and Supplementary testing.

We have developed advanced technical equipment and manufacturing production lines. Our team is skillful at operating and controlling both production and testing equipment, and is good at customizing products according to customers’ unique needs. Our team is trained to follow ISO 9001 Quality Procedures. Quality control is utilized in both production and testing stage.

See our FAA Testing, Fire Smoke & Toxicity Testing, and Supplemental Testing for an advanced fire barrier film solution that is unparalleled in the aviation industry.