Brook One Offers 4 Different Burnthrough Cover Films!

February 4, 2019

Brook One offers the most comprehensive Burnthrough Cover Film products available today! Each of our 4 fire barrier cover films was formulated to fit your particular application!

All Brook One Cover Films have surpassed FAA testing requirements in regards to:

FAR 25.856 (a) – Flammability

FAR 25.856 (b) – Burn Through (25 minute – No Flame Penetration)

Brook One fire barrier cover film was designed specifically for aircraft fuselage thermal/acoustic insulation systems. These technologically advanced, lightweight fire barrier cover films resist the spread of fire and provide more protection for passengers, crew and cargo in the event of an in-flight and/or post-crash fire.

Brook One Burnthrough Cover Films include Standard (metallic & non-metallic) & Lightweight (metallic & non-metallic)

Brook One Standard Products include metallic product BO 856B-I and non-metallic product BO 856B-II. They are used more in general aviation applications where strength is a key factor. Brook One Standard Products are much stronger, and ideal for normal applications.

Lightweight (metallic & non-metallic)

Brook One Lightweight Products include metallic product BO 856B-I-LWT and non-metallic product BO 856B-II-LWT. Up to 15% lighter than other cover films, these lightweight cover films are ideal for all aviation weight reduction programs!

For further information, please go to Product Specifications.