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Our advanced fire barrier product was first developed in 2011 by a very sophisticated engineering/research and development team at Brook One Corporation. The team consists of chemists, engineers, technicians, a new product development group and material procurement personnel. Working together, alongside consultative communication with the needs of the aerospace OEM air framers market, the most advanced fire barrier cover film was developed!

The Brook One fire barrier cover films are technologically advanced laminates that feature a polyetheretherketone (PEEK) material for strength and a propriety core material that is a proven fire barrier solution.

PEEK is a colourless, linear-aromatic organic polymer that is well known as a semicrystaline, thermoplastic engineering material with excellent physical properties. PEEK fibers have a unique combination of mechanical properties that are stable under extreme environmental conditions. Whether it is for flame retardant properties, smoke and toxicity performance, robustness, chemical resistance, high temperature, extreme moisture, alkaline or acidic environments, the PEEK material was chosen by our Research and Development team for its high performance versatility !

The engineering/research and development team was driven to develop a state of the art fire barrier cover film that surpassed the existing fire barrier films in strength, flexibility, weight, ease of use, puncture/scratch resistance and cost effectiveness.

The fire barrier cover film has been subjected and passed the required testing standards (including the FAA testing standards) :

FAR 25.856 (a) (Flammability)
FAR 25.856 (b) (Burn Through) ( Click here for Video )


The FAA requires a Burn Through Testing requirement of a heat flux reading less than 2 BTU/sec/ft2 for a period of 4 minutes. The Brook One product maintained the heat flux requirement for 10 minutes, easily surpassing the FAA testing standards. In fact, the Brook One product, illustrated no flame penetration for 25 minutes.


Other Supplementary Tests Included:
Brook One Fire Barrier Cover film is strong, tough, durable, lightweight and the most flexible on the market !

Scratch Resistance
No delamination observed with Brook One Fire Barrier Laminate for the scratch loading test from 100g load to 500g load

Smoke Density & Toxic Gas Emissions
Smoke and Toxic Gas Emissions Results:

Moisture Testing
After submerging the Brook One Fire Barrier Product in water for 4 days, the water absorption was measured at less than 40%.