Since 2011, our experienced Research and Development team has engineered innovative fire barrier products that feature a PEEK material for strength (and a lower smoke/toxic emission)  and a propriety core material that is a proven fire barrier solution !

Brook One offers 2 different fire barrier products

Brook One Product Codes :

The Brook One fire barrier cover film is lightweight, durable and a technologically advanced laminate that is the most flexible and toughest on the market today!

Unlike other cover films that feature ceramic fibre (which is weak, rigid and more susceptible to de-lamination and cracking), the Brook One product is constructed to provide a high performance fire barrier solution!   

Due to our unique composition/construction and innovative technology, the Brook One fire barrier is easy to use/install and more cost-effective..

The purpose of the fire barrier cover film is to resist the spread of fires in thermal/acoustic insulation blankets, which are typically installed behind airplane interior panels to protect passengers, cargo and equipment from environmental conditions and engine noise.  Also, the fire barrier film is required for burn through resistance purposes to protect against the effects of an external jet fuel fire.  The Brook One product will perform optimally ensuring ample time for the safe evacuation of the aircraft.